Rain Cafe and Lounge

94% love it
Great Drinks and Medi-Bites
The flavor of the Mediterranean comes to life at Rain Cafe in Wichita. With a full bar and tasty takes on Mediterranean staples, its a great place for dinner or apps and cocktails before!
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    • TwinCFlyboy
      TwinCFlyboy Over a year ago
      Loves it

      it's seriously one of the nicest, best looking bars we've been to... Kansas?? Wtf?
      We recently stayed here and went to all of the gay-bars, most were D-I-V-E-S... but this place was awesome and fun, crack-us-up staff!! Any ill review HAD to be a rival bar- and you'll see why when u visit them! Anyhow, we've decided it's our "hotties-and-nummies!" place to be when we visit!! Martyn was FINE! ..and patio is amazing, outdoor pool table?!! -hats off too you!! :)

    • bertpearce
      bertpearce Over a year ago
      Loves it

      So much bitter on here...
      Just check the place out. Decent food and a good atmosphere make it a standard hangout for a lot of the bar going community. It gets a bit packed after 11, but that's because it's popular. Glad the gossip queens hate the place. They stay away.

    • JasperJay
      JasperJay Over a year ago
      Hates it

      McDonald's Play Room
      I agree with a couple reviews posted here. The bar staff is WAY TOO YOUNG to know what running a business is all about. They seem to care more about primping, playing and cruising to find their next trick for the night. From what I hear, the owner even got caught doing the nasty in the kitchen during business hours! I didn't order food after I heard that! Rain may be the newest gay bar in town but I wouldn't say it is the best by far. Hell, it doesn't seem like a gay bar at all. There's a bunch of straight girls running around and walk-in's from other bars in the area, so you never know what you will get. The drinks are way too expensive. Oh, and by the way, if you are going to refer to your bar as a dance club, please have an area bigger than 10x10 to dance on. Also please tell your bar staff they aren't as cute as they think they are.

    • JAllen1944
      JAllen1944 Over a year ago

      All that glitters....
      While the interior is very nice, what brings this place down is the attitude of the bar staff. I was really suprised/disappointed at how rude the young man and a woman (who kept mentioning she was from Seattle..who cares)was...if you have to constantly ask for another beer when there are 3 customers in the place there is something wrong. I have given this place a couple of chances and now I'm done. If you want a fun night out you won't find it here...

    • mocap58
      mocap58 Over a year ago
      Hates it

      I can tell you the atmosphere is great. Lots of people on the weekend, but I will have to say that if you want to keep the business you need to keep your bar staff on its toes. Waiting in line for a drink while watching the bartendars playing around is not good customer service. Enen during slow periods, like 7pm on a sunday. Just try and get dinner there with 3 bartendars there. Best of luck

    • highcountry
      highcountry Over a year ago
      Loves it

      So unexpectedly nice- I loved this place!
      It's beautiful inside; granite, richly decorated and great (cute and hot staff!) professional service- not a shank whole, which is what most other gay bars were in this town. Seriously, it also serves great quality food (rueben was to die for!) so you can take a date here and not feel uncomfy. I've had lunch, brought straight friends, danced on weekends- I guess it just feels like being back east in a big city. Tremendous!